Our Geography Curriculum

Statement of Intent

The learning and understanding of Geography is an integral part of our world and is a key aspect of life at our school. Here at St Joseph’s, we recognise that Geography is at the forefront of our world today, which is why we have adopted ‘The Environment’ as one of our driver words. Geography helps to provoke and provide answers to questions about the natural and human aspects of the world, along with our local environment. We aim to equip children with geographical confidence to develop their curiosity and fascination in their exploration of geography, as well as having the opportunities to discuss current issues that affect the ecology of our planet. Our curriculum is designed to provide our children with subject specific vocabulary which facilitates their discussions and questions. Our geography curriculum allows pupils to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, which will assist them in becoming a valued citizen within our local community and the wider world.

Statement of Implementation

Our geography skills are delivered through the use of Twinkl Planit resources which provides a carefully planned and structured range of learning opportunities to support children’s development of geographical concepts and builds on their previous knowledge. We strive for all children in our school to enjoy participating in geography lessons, through carefully and considered planning to meet the needs of each and every individual.

  • Within EYFS, pupils begin to gain an understanding of their world around them and their place within it.
  • Pupils learn to explore and observe their local community- comparing their own environment to that of another. They are encouraged to find similarities and differences between places.
  • Children learn about the importance of looking after our environment and develop an understanding relating to the actions that we must take to save our world.
  • We believe in focusing on pupils developing an understanding of the human and physical features of their local environment. We develop their knowledge of our towns, villages and cities within the United Kingdom.
  • Pupils are encouraged to use their geographical vocabulary to compare and contrast their environment to another in the ‘developing’ world. They are taught how to use maps, atlases and globes to support their understanding of their position and location within the world.
  • We provide a geographical context for understanding the actions of processes. Pupils build on their mapping skills by studying the features of the world in regards to humans and physical geography.

Statement of Impact

As a result of our high quality teaching at St Joseph’s through The Twinkl Planit programme, children will become engaged and challenged individuals who are confident in each area of the Geography curriculum. Our children will have been exposed to a wide range of topic areas taught throughout their journey from foundation to Year 6 and will be able to discuss these with confidence. Additionally, children will be able to use their voice to express themselves and their opinions, being able to reason and expand upon these opinions.

Overview of Our Geography Curriculum

Geography overview

Our Geography Long Term Plan

Geography plan

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