Our Mathematics Curriculum

Statement of Intent

Mathematics is a key part of life here at St Josephs, where our children build their skills and knowledge in a range of different concepts. Our aim is to develop and equip our children with the skills to move forward in the wider world as confident and self-assured mathematicians. Pupils are given regular opportunities to learn, revisit and revise key skills within the subject, as well as being given the chance to expand on understanding through reasoning and problem solving tasks. We aim to build individuals who work in solidarity to assist and support one another to become more secure within the subject.

Statement of Implementation

Mathematical skills are embedded within our lessons through a range of different methods as part of the White Rose Mathematics scheme. As a school, we are developing our teaching of Mastery Mathematics to equip children with the essential knowledge needed to progress forwards. We strive to achieve a culture where pupils develop a love of Mathematics.

We ensure that children have access to a range of physical, manipulative and pictorial resources to help them apply their learning.
We encourage and develop our pupils’ basic number, mental Mathematics and times table knowledge, so that they develop a solid foundation within the subject.
We believe that children should be challenged through access to reasoning and problem solving questions, along with the ability to engage in mathematical investigations.
We give every child the opportunity to succeed and be challenged within the subject, through high quality first teaching and interventions.
In EYFS, children are provided with the opportunities to develop their fluency, as well as introducing them to early levels of reasoning and problem solving in number, shape, space and measure.
We aim to make lessons fun, engaging and exciting for all the children, allowing children to develop a love of Mathematics at our school.

Statement of Impact

As a result of our high quality teaching at St Joseph’s through The White Rose Mathematics programme, children will become engaged and challenged individuals who are confident in each area of the Mathematics curriculum. Further to this, pupils will be able to articulate their ideas and responses, along with the ability to make links between mathematical topics. By the end of KS2, children will have been exposed to a wide range of different methods and representations throughout their school life and be able to select appropriate methods to solve equations with comfort. Additionally, children will also be able to show pride in their efforts, displaying work which shows a clear understanding of mathematical concepts.

Through appropriate summative and formative assessment, teachers will see a steady improvement in children’s mathematical understanding, in addition to providing teachers with the tools to design, plan and implement the next steps for progression.

Overview of Our Mathematics Curriculum

Maths overview

Addition and subtraction calculation policy

Multiplication and division calculation policy

Reception scheme guidance

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