Statement of Intent

Our Science curriculum aims to trigger children’s curiosity about the world we live in. We strive to provide pupils with a foundation to build upon and acquire new knowledge. Pupils are encouraged to question, predict, investigate, observe, record, interpret and evaluate their ideas. We want our children to be excited, inspired and engaged with their science learning and use their experiences as they develop as citizens in the global community. We aim to ensure that children are equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.

Statement of Implementation

Science skills are delivered through the use of Twinkl Planit resources which provides a carefully planned and structured range of learning opportunities to support children’s development of science concepts and build on their previous knowledge. We want all children to believe they are capable of becoming successful scientists with a thirst for learning!

  • Teaching staff at St Joseph’s will ensure that their own positive attitude towards science mirrors that of the children. Staff will also ensure that their high expectations are reinforced and that all children realise their potential to be successful in their learning.
  • In EYFS children explore the world around them. They identify, discuss and recognise changes and patterns amongst living things and their environment. Through continuous provision, pupils have access to scientific equipment. Equipment such as magnets and magnifying glasses encourage first hand exploration and discussion. This ensures that they are exposed to the foundations of scientific concepts. Pupils take part in simple investigations. This equips them with the introductory skills and knowledge for their science journey ahead.
  • In Key Stage 1, pupils consolidate and build on prior learning by investigating a range of topics. Pupils work in a range of ways to construct and ask simple questions. They make simple observations and learn to use scientific equipment safely and in different ways. Pupils in Key Stage 1 learn how to gather and record their scientific data and start to interpret that of others.
  • In Key Stage 2, pupils frequently lead their own investigations by using a range of scientific approaches. They interpret, record and share their data in a variety of ways and use this to draw conclusions. Pupils are encouraged to use their knowledge to make further predictions.
  • British Science Week is celebrated annually with the focus being to celebrate science, engineering, technology and maths in a range of different fun ideas and give pupils the opportunity to realise the massive impact of science throughout their everyday and wider world.
  • Forest Schools is a unique method of outdoor learning which has many links to our science curriculum. We aim to encourage and inspire children through positive outdoor experiences. Children will have the opportunity to learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and most importantly to use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others. The children learn boundaries of behaviour; both physical and social, establish and grow in confidence, self-esteem and become self-motivated.
  • We want to provide our children with the relevant language to explain processes and concepts in an expert manner.
  • Our Science curriculum aims to provide a platform to reinforce many other key areas of learning with cross-curricular links to mathematics and English.

Statement of Impact

At St Joseph’s, our successful approach results in providing the children with the foundations for understanding the world. Our children enjoy being challenged with scientific questions and show determination to find conclusions. They have a high standard of scientific vocabulary to explain their hypotheses and interpret results.

Our Forest School ethos means that much of our science curriculum can be based outdoors where the children can experience science in ‘real-life’. Through a variety of engaging lessons, our children have the understanding that science is ever-evolving and vital to the world’s future prosperity.

To celebrate science in school, we hold an annual ‘Science Week’ on a designated topic. Children experience a week’s worth of activities linked with a chosen topic. Our science curriculum provides our children with the opportunity to develop the skills required for their learning journey at St Joseph’s and beyond.

Overview of Our Science Curriculum

Our Science Long Term Plan

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