Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me. Mark 9:37

St Joseph’s is a Catholic Voluntary Academy and the Bishop Konstant Catholic Academy Trust is the Admission Authority. The Academy Council of St Joseph’s undertakes the admission duties in line with the Trust Scheme of Delegation, Diocesan Guidance and in line with the Admissions Code of Practice.

If any prospective parents wish to visit our school, please contact the school office on 01405 762607.

Admission Policies

2023-2024 Academic Year

Admissions Policy 2023/24

2024-2025 Academic Year

Admissions Policy 2024/25

SIF (Supplementary Information Form) 2024/25

2025-2026 Academic Year

Admissions Policy 2025/26

SIF (Supplementary Information Form) 2025/26

How to apply for a full-time place in reception.

Applications to start our school for the first time, for the start of Reception should be made direct to the East Riding Admission Team by the deadline 15th January.  Late applications will be considered after those submitted by the deadline, often when there are no places available so it is important that you apply on-time.  If you live in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council area, then you can find more information about ‘normal’ admissions processes, deadlines, details of the appeal process and other information at

If you live outside the East Riding, you should apply to your ‘home’ Local Authority and not East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

When applying for a place you should also complete the supplementary information form to provide additional information for the admission authority.  This should be returned to the school direct by the deadline for applications and not the Local Authority.

You will find out about your offer of a school place, on 16th April 2024.

Changing schools or new to Goole

If you would like your child to change schools either during the current school year or at the end of the school year, when there is not normally a transfer to another school, contact the school admissions team and request an application form.

School Admissions Process

  • The School Admissions Team will liaise with the preferred schools, to confirm numbers on roll in the relevant year group

  • School Admissions will consider your application alongside other applications for the same schools using the relevant over subscription criteria

  • A place will be offered at the highest preference possible.
  • If it is not possible to offer any of your preferences and your application is in relation to a house move resulting in your child no longer being able to attend their previous school, a school place will be allocated at the nearest school to your home address with a place available

  • Where the relevant year group is full, your child will be placed on the waiting list for the remainder of the academic year and you will be contacted should a vacancy become available within the school year which can be offered to your child. You will be given the right to an appeal and you can find further information about this process here.

  • You will be notified of the outcome of your application by letter. Your child should start the new school within 10 school days from the date of the offer letter.

Your child must continue to attend their present school until a place has been allocated at an alternative school.

Please follow this link for more information about changing schools or new to Goole: where you can also find and download an application form along with details of how to appeal for a school place where you have been refused.

Admission Arrangements for the 2025-26 School Year

The Academy Council of the Bishop Konstant Catholic Academy Trust determine the admission arrangements for the 2025/2026 school year on the 1st February 2024. At this meeting the Academy Council formally approve the 2025/2026 Admission Policy and approve the following admission numbers:

  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Goole. A Voluntary Academy: 15 places.

Appeal Process

Applicants refused a place at a school for their child normally have the right to appeal against the decision to refuse admission. To make an appeal you will need to complete an appeal form which can be obtained from the School Admissions Team.

Appeals must only be submitted by someone who has full parental responsibility for the child concerned. You should complete the appeal form, setting out clearly why you want your child to go to the particular school you want. For your appeal to be successful you will have to show why your child should have to go to that particular school and not to any other school.

Applicants refused a place at a school for their child will be given the right to appeal. Appeals will be heard by independent admission appeal panels.

Further information about admission appeals can be obtained from the School Admissions Team.

To contact the School Admissions team:

Tel: (01482) 392100 or

School Admission Appeals Code

For applications to start a primary school for the first time in September 2024, appeal forms should be submitted by parent/carers by 17 May 2024 and appeals are planned to be held between Monday 17 June and Friday 19 July.

Defined Area Map

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