What is Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a behaviour and communication platform that links parents and school together to celebrate successes and strengthen the supportive network that is around your child. It allows, through the use of Dojo Points (or dojos), teachers to reward positive behaviours and good work whilst providing a place to share photos and notes about the work that is going on in school.

Positive Points

Staff in school can reward pupils if they see a positive behaviour or great piece or work with positive dojo points. Dojo Monsters

Every child has their own Dojo Monster avatar which, when you connect your parent account, the pupils can customise. The monsters are assigned at random when your child’s account is created.

Communication in Your First Language

Class Dojo allows parents to automatically translate messages into their first language. You can send your child’s class teacher a quick message and they can reply directly to you. Dojo doesn’t replace the usual methods of reporting pupil absence – you’ll still need to contact the office directly – but, if your child has had a poor night’s sleep, the family hamster has gone missing or anything else has happened that might mean that your child might be feeling under the weather, anxious or upset, you can give your child’s teacher or our pastoral team the heads-up.

School Story

By connecting to your child, you will also see the “School Story” which is a wall of announcements, photos and letters for all parents across school. We also post reminder of upcoming events.

Once you are connected to your child’s account, you will be able to see posts on their personal Pupil Profile- a place to celebrate work and achievement. Pupils will be able to photograph work, draw pictures, record explanations and write text. Your child can add to their portfolio from home too. All portfolio items need your child’s teacher to approve them, just to make sure the most appropriate items make it.

Class Story

Once connected, your child’s teacher can broadcast information to all the parents in once class using the Class Story and add blogs of the children’s learning in school. 

What do you need to do?

  1. Follow this link.
  2. You will need to setup a parent account using your personal email address. Please Make sure you choose “Parent Account” and that you use your own name, not your child’s name at this stage.
  3. We’ll send you a code so that you can connect your account to your child.
  4. Download the Class Dojo app from your device’s app store [Play Store] [App Store]

Is there a cost?

No, Class Dojo is free for schools and the parent app is free too. However, you have the option of giving Class Dojo points at home as part of a home behaviour system, but this is a chargeable service, if you decided to take out a subscription, which you don’t have to. There is a free trial.

Is there anything else I should know?

Don’t forget that, throughout the day, your child’s teacher will be teaching so you are more likely to receive a reply to messages you send after the school day has ended.

Class Dojo is compliant with GDPR. Use this link to read about ClassDojo’s approach to privacy: https://www.classdojo.com/privacycenter/ 

Further information is available at: https://classdojo.zendesk.com/ 

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